Foam vs. Spring Mattresses: How to Choose the Best Option?

Many consumers don’t realize the low cost associated with making a spring mattress. In fact, the total cost for making this is just over $100, but they retail in the stores for more than $500. The fact is, memory foam isn’t that much different. Fully understanding the difference in foam vs spring mattresses is essential if a person is in the market for a new bed. However, there are some little-known facts that some bed manufacturers want to keep hidden. Here, a consumer can find the facts and feel confident when they finally go bed shopping.

A spring mattress often provides the illusion of comfort initially, with the fancy pillow-tops, but they don’t offer very much pressure point relief. In fact, many people experience significant pain in the hips, shoulder and other parts of the body when sleeping on this type of mattress. They even often wake up with “dead arms” due to poor blood circulation. This occurs because spring mattresses push against the body with the same amount of force the body weight is applying to the mattress. This results in uneven support and uncomfortable pressure points.

However, when a consumer finds a high-quality memory foam mattress, they will have a surface that distributes their body weight evenly. Essentially, it is like having billions of small springs supporting the person on the bed. Also, pressure points are reduced significantly, by up to 80 percent, which is something only memory foam mattresses are able to provide.

The fact is, tossing and turning is the top cause of a poor night’s sleep; however, cases of this can be drastically reduced when a memory foam mattress is used. Taking the time to learn about the different mattress options will help a person determine the one that is best for their needs. Failure to do this may result in the individual never getting a good night’s sleep. Easily avoid these problems by choosing a mattress that is built well, but also offered at an affordable price. While the price tags on these mattresses can be quite high, it is well worth it to get a great night’s sleep.